The Best Fine Dining Chinese Restaurant in Australia

Aquarium Seafood Chinese Restaurant's passion for quality is strongly recognised by our industry, which has conferred on us numerous prestigious awards. To win these awards, Aquarium Seafood Chinese Restaurant is typically judged on reservations, pre-table service, ambience, table settings, menus, food presentation, food quality, table service, drinks, drinks service, billing, toilet facilities, attention on leaving, and overall value for money.

2011 Awards

Gold Plate Award Winner, Chinese & Other Asian Cusisine

Awarded 12 Hats, Australian Good Food & Travel Guide

Commendation Prize, WA Seafood Industry Awards in Seafood Restaurant Award

RCIA Restaurant Award for Excellence in Chinese Restaurant

2010 Awards

RCIA Restaurant Awarded for Excellence in Chinese Restaurant

USA Top 100 in Chinese Specialties Awards

Top 50 Restaurants Guide Western Australia

2009 Awards

RCIA Restaurant Award for Excellence in Chinese Restaurant

Australia Savour National Award in Best Chinese Restaurant


We present, for your convenience, excerpts of unsolicited customer feedback from various online restaurant sites.

"I've never experienced anything like it in Perth. The fact that it is always fully booked and has always lots of Asian clients is good enough for me."

"The food was excellent, service friendly and attentive and the surrounding is worth the dress-up effort. Top Restaurant in WA!!!!"

"As far as Chinese restaurants go, this is the Champagne of Beer . . ."

"WOW!!! The decor was just absolutely stunning."

"This restaurant is quality, tablecloths, cutlery, wine glasses."

"Not your usual noisy Chinese resutarant with gold and red swathes."

"The best way to describe it, is modern western serving eastern food."

"It gets very busy on weekends yet its not that noisy . . . they have beautiful lighting and water features through out . . . looks wonderful and relaxing . . . "

"Not only delicious but served in a unique way."

"The food is beautiful, large variety . . . the quality of the food will blow you away!"

"The servings are very large, so if you are only going with a small number of people it is best to order no more than probably one main sized dish each and share."

"Each time we have been there our meals were served within about 15 minutes of ordering!!! We were amazed!"

"The service was fantastic, the waiters knew exactly what was in each dish and how it was prepared, which was essential as one of us had a peanut allergy and another was allergic to shellfish."

"The staff was all very helpful when it came to ordering and was attentive when serving a dish, taking an extra second to tell us what the dish was and told us to enjoy our meal before leaving."

"There was only the two of us and we ordered way too much food, but had to try several dishes. We were asked if we would like to take the remainder of our meal home. What a thoughtful suggestion and it was great not to waste so much food."

"For a very busy saturday night the service was faultless, with heaps of staff running around."

"Caucasians normally socialize, with alcoholic beverages, over lengthy dinners but Asians prefer to drink and socialize after dinner. The restaurant seems to be making an effort to tailor its service profile to facilitate the preferences of its multi-cultural clientele."