The exceptional quality of our food is a key reason why our guests return to Aquarium Seafood Chinese Restaurant again and again. Our success is based on a keen understanding of both native Chinese and Australian tastes and preferences.To delight both Asian and non-Asian diners, our menus comprise authentic Cantonese and Northern Chinese dishes that transport your tastebuds straight to Hong Kong and China, as well as ‘Australianised’ Chinese dishes that are popular with the general public.

As food is an integral part of Chinese culture, our restaurant captures the time-honoured Chinese tradition for our customers to host and honour their guests by inviting them to a feast, particularly one that serves premium dishes like lobster, snow crab, abalone, scallops, king prawns, toothfish, oysters, silver perch, and other exquisite dishes from the Seafood Deluxe and Specialities sections of our main menu.

Did you know that a common greeting among the Chinese, “chi bao le ma” in Mandarin and “sek bao mei” in Cantonese—with the intention of saying “How are you?”—literally means “Have you eaten your fill”? Hosting a meal at Aquarium Seafood Chinese Restaurant is a great way to demonstrate respect and care for your guests and impress them with your generous hospitality, as you invite them to heartily “eat their fill” and share your discerning tastes in Chinese cuisine.

Our authentic Cantonese and Northern Chinese menus feature an extensive range of Australia’s favourite Chinese dishes, delightful chef’s specials, and the freshest live gourmet seafood prepared with finesse by handpicked Hong Kong chefs. If you browse our menu, you will notice that we offer a larger variety of items in each menu section than most Chinese restaurants, and have a more versatile list of preparation styles as well.

We are proud of the quality of our food, and thus strive to present all dishes in elegant and creative ways, as we truly believe the best dining experiences are multisensory. In the exquisite traditional of Chinese fine dining, our waitstaff are also on hand to verbally introduce special dishes for your sheer enjoyment.






If you feel like packing a quick lunch on a work day, dining in the comfort of home without any effort at cooking, or bringing instant authentic Chinese gourmet delicacies to a social gathering, our takeaway menu makes it easy for you to make delicious moments happen.

Most items on our menus, including our popular homemade sauces, are available for takeaways.

You can choose to ring us to order ahead, or just pop in and decide on the spot. As every dish is made to order, we seek your patience as we get your orders ready, especially during peak lunch hours. We welcome customers to ring in early to get your orders more quickly. For fresh and delicious takeaways, ring us at (08) 9478 1868.

Beverage List

Drink List


Please note that we are a fully licenced restaurant, and rest assured that our “no BYO” policy does not impede your enjoyment as we provide an exhaustive range of handpicked beverages from premium champagne to fine wines, liquors, beer, cocktails, mocktails, shooters, juices, tea, and coffee.

Many items on our drinks menu are recommended by trusted F&B experts who have carefully considered how well the beverages complement the delicious range of gourmet and everyday dishes from our extensive menus.

Diners’ Favourites

Still deciding what to eat today? Let other diners’ tastebuds dothe talking. Our restaurant doesnot promote specific dishes as our extensive range of dishes appeal to a wide range of different tastes. Nonetheless, some customers have been kind enough to provide unsolicited feedback online on their favourite dishes at Aquarium Seafood Chinese Restaurant.

Perhaps this may assist you in making your initial selections, and inspire you to come back again to try our other fabulous dishes. Please feel free to ask our knowledgeable waitstaff for recommendations that suit your tastes and dietary needs.

Diners’ Favourites

  • Golden egg style snow crab
  • Chilli & pepper fried squid tentacles
  • Boxing chicken
  • Mongolian beef
  • Roast duck
  • Japanese beancurd
  • Chinese spinach in garlic consomme
  • Satay stick entrée
  • Prawn cutlets
  • Seafood fried rice
  • Curried king prawns